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Created by a special needs mom with the help of physical and occupational therapists, MightyTykes™ Infant & Child Weights are designed to promote your child’s physical strength and stability for optimal development. MightyTykes™ can help your child progress toward milestones such as crawling, standing, and walking, and may help with other challenges.

Please download the MightyTykes User Guide. Consult your physician or therapist for detailed instructions on the safe and effective use of your MightyTykes™.


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Strong & stable from the start…

Therapists have found MightyTykes Infant & Child Weights may help with a range of issues, including:

• Overall weakness

• One-sided weakness

• Toe-walking

• Sensory issues

• Low muscle tone (hypotonia)

• Tremors

• Visual field cut

MightyTykes™ are latex free, lead free, and made in the USA. View our products in our store.


Safe Use Guidelines


While MightyTykes™Infant & Child Weights are CPSIA compliant and designed to be safe, you’ll want to follow a few common-sense practices in using them:

  • Be sure to consult your therapist or physician before starting any exercise regimen.
  • Start by using the lightest weight available. Check that your child can lift their weighted arm or leg with little effort.
  • Begin with only a few repetitions of suggested or similar movements, and stop using the weights when your child shows signs of tiring, irritability or discomfort. Repeat precautions when introducing a higher weight.
  • Weights are only intended to be used for short, supervised sessions.
  • Keep in mind that it can take weeks or months of use for your child to move to a higher weight.
  • Only increase weight once your child can lift their arm or leg easily at the lower weight.
  • Do not use excessive weight for your child.
  • Secure weights snuggly above the joint. Avoid the narrow part of the wrist or ankle, to prevent pulling at the joint ligaments. If needed, apply over clothing for comfort and security.
  • If your child attempts to remove the weights, gently redirect him or her. You can apply weights under clothing, minimizing the chance for your child to remove the weights.
  • Consult your physical therapist or other healthcare provider for more details.


How They’re Made


MightyTykes™ Infant & Child Weights are made of high quality materials. They weights have two layers. The outer-shell is CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) compliant, latex-free Polyurethane Laminate (PUL), commonly used in diaper covers. The inner shell is also non-toxic.




MightyTykes™ Infant & Child Weights are waterproof and may be hand-washed with warm soapy water, dried by hand or allowed to air dry, or you can simply wipe them with a sanitizing wipe.




MightyTykes™ Infant & Child Weights are specifically designed to fit a range of sizes.


Finished Dimensions

1/8 lbs

1/4 lbs

1/2 lbs



9 1/4



1 1/2 “

1 3/4

2 1/4

Closed- inside circumference (fit range)

4 1/2″ – 6 1/4″

5 3/4″ – 7 1/4″

6 1/2″ – 8″




MightyTykes™ Infant and Child Weights are manufactured by MightyTykes™, LLC which warrants the product to the original retail purchaser as follows.


Limited 60-Day Warranty

This product is warranted against defective materials or workmanship for 60 days from date of original purchase. Proof of purchase is not required. To return your MightyTykes™ Infant and Child Weights for a full refund, excluding shipping charges, please visit our website and submit a Return Request through the “Contact Us” page.

Warranty Limitations

MightyTykes™, LLC disclaims all other warranties including any warranty of merchantability or

Fitness for a particular purpose, in connection the buyer’s purchase of the goods contained herein.

Please email info@mightytykes.com to request a return authorization.

Limitation of Damages

In the event of a product defect, the buyer’s sole remedy shall be either (1) a refund of the purchase price, or (2) exchange for a new product. MightyTykes™, LLC, and its owners, members, or shareholders shall not be liable to buyer (or to any person claiming through buyer with whom buyers may have used the goods herein) for any loss or injury arising out of or caused in whole or in part by use of MightyTykes™, LLC’s goods. If,notwithstanding the foregoing, liability can be imposed on MightyTykes™, LLC, then buyer agrees that MightyTykes™, LLC’s aggregate liability for any and all losses or injuries arising out of any act or omission of MightyTykes™, LLC, in connection with anything to be done or furnished under this agreement regardless or the cause of the loss or injury, and regardless of the nature of the legal or equitable right claimed to have been violated, shall never exceed three times the purchase price of the goods buyer obtained from MightyTykes™, LLC. Buyer covenants and promises that it will not sue MightyTykes™, LLC for an amount greater than such sum even if buyer and/ or third parties were advised of the possibility of such damages, and that buyer will not seek punitive damages in any suit against MightyTykes™, LLC.

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Soon after Isaac was born, Isabella Yosuico learned that he would have hypotonia, low muscle tone and weakness common to kids with Down syndrome and many other conditions. Like any mom wanting to help, Isabella sought a solution. She took a scrap of fleece and sand from the kids’ sandbox and whipped up a tiny pair of weights.

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