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Raymer Sensory Sensation!

MightyTyke QraymerUINCY

Diagnosis: Sensory Processing Disorder

“We got the 1/4 lb wrist weights for our son with Sensory Processing Disorder and he loves them!! He is a sensory seeker and also has a lot of overflow with his arms when he is excited. Our son wears the weights daily (when awake) and he has been much more regulated!”

MightyMom Melissa, Illinois

Quincy Strong & Stable

Quincy SimmsMightyTyke QUINCY, age 2.

Diagnosis: Right-side hemiplegia (partial paralysis) due to severe pre-natal stroke.

“Quincy often struggles with tremors and weakness. Since using MightyTykes we have seen increased use of the right arm as well as stability when using the arm. Quincy uses his MightyTykes in daily therapies including aqua therapy.”

MightyMom, Jess

MightyMom Allison

Allisons_daughter“MightyTykes weights have helped my 10-month-old with her sensory problems and ataxia. Easy to put on and you can wipe them clean. Great product!” – MightyMom Allison


Jackson_Heigh“Jackson just loves his MightyTykes! He wears them when he does his therapeutic listening therapy and plays a throwing game too with the extra weight on his arms. It is so good for his right hemiplegic cerebral palsy and his brain regulation, sensory processing disorder, and many other things we work on daily. He loves the color and you have brought joy into our world. We are so grateful for you and we think about your story every time we wear them to help my little buddy. Hopefully they will help him be a mighty tyke of his own one day!!” – MightyMom, Heather

Nikolai, 9 Months


Condition: Motor delays, torticollis, favors one side.

“MightyTykes help Nikolai use his weak side more and makes him look to the right, helping him move his neck.” –MightyMom Josalynn

Claire, Age 2


Claire has a weakness due to Tuberous Sclerosis Complex.

“Your MightyTykes weights have done wonders for our daughter, Claire. She is currently two-years-old and has been using them for about six months now. Thanks to your weights, Claire has really gained strength in her arms and she doesn’t mind having them on at all. We also love the quality of the wrist bands—very easy to use and should last us for years to come. What a great product. We are very happy with the results!” –MightyMom Stephanie

Occupational Therapist

US News“My patients have loved these. As an OT, I have found them to be helpful with many of my sensory seeking kids.” –Occupational Therapist, U.S. News & World Report Top Children’s Hospital

Kaylee, Age 3

kayleeKaylee’s condition: In-turning, toe walking.

“My daughter loves them and they’re helping her walk better.” –MightyMom Michele

Dr. Mary Jane Baniak, Physical Therapist

Dr. Baniak“MightyTykes™ have been very useful to promote symmetry and improve one sided weaknesses and general hypotonia. They also provide sensory input in children who have hypertonia. Children with diagnoses such as cerebral palsy, intrauterine stroke, Down syndrome, general hypotonia, prematurity, and torticollis have all shown progress from using MightyTykes. They’re easy to transport and easy to clean.” –Dr. Mary Jane Baniak, Physical Therapist


jacobJacob’s condition: overpronation

“MightyTykes help keep Jacob’s feet flat and keep his legs more straight, and help him get stronger.” –MightyMom Modesta

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