Beneficial Activities For Children With Low Muscle Tone

Has your child been given the diagnosis of low muscle tone or hypotonia? These terms refer to muscles that are loose or floppy and less resistant than those with a normal level of tone. Hypotonia can be caused by a variety of conditions, including those that involve the central nervous system, muscle disorders and genetic disorders. However, in many cases the cause is not known and referred to as Idiopathic Hypotonia. Usually, a child with low muscle tone will have difficulties with certain functional skills such as sitting erect while working at a desk or table or playing games that involve short bursts of running. Many children with low muscle tone also tire quickly from routine tasks such as walking up a flight of stairs. Infants may lag behind in acquiring certain fine and gross motor developmental milestones that enable a baby to hold his or her head up when placed on the stomach, balance themselves or get into a sitting position and remain seated without losing their balance. Regular exercise and movement activities help build overall strength while positioning and flexibility can also be a benefit.

Regular exercise and movement activities help children with low muscle tone build overall strength

Treatment programs to help increase muscle strength and sensory stimulation programs are developed once the cause of your child’s hypotonia is established. Such programs usually involve physical therapy through an early intervention or school-based program among other forms of therapy.

Encouraging family centered exercise that is fun and enjoyable will help your child develop a routine and long term commitment to staying fit and improving strength.

Movement activities can help kids with low muscle tone build overall strength while also developing coordination and endurance. For example, Crab walking and wheel barrow walking helps to promote core, back, and arm strength in children with low muscle tone.

The earlier that you can get your child started with muscle strengthening activities, the better. Early intervention helps with starting the best exercises and activities to improve specific areas of weakness for your child and your family.

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