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Our Story

Soon after Isaac was born, Isabella Yosuico learned that he would have hypotonia, low muscle tone and weakness common to kids with Down syndrome and many other conditions.  Like any mom wanting to help, Isabella sought a solution. She took a scrap of fleece and sand from the kids’ sandbox and whipped up a tiny pair of weights.

When Isaac’s physical therapist Dr. Mary Jane Baniak saw them, she was impressed and encouraged Isabella to consider manufacturing them. Isabella soon learned that MightyTykes filled an unmet need and could help all sorts of kids with all sorts of challenges. Inspired, Isabella began a strenuous but deeply rewarding journey to bring MightyTykes to you. Along the way, we’ve met and worked with some remarkable people, and gotten great feedback from parents and professionals just like you.

Eventually, we completed a limited trial, sending prototypes to families, independent physical and occupational therapists, and institutions, including a few superstars listed on U.S. News and World Reports Honor Roll of Top Children’s Hospitals.

We used the great feedback we received to make MightyTykes™ Infant & Child Weights as good as they can be.

Latex and lead free, MightyTykes™ are proudly made in the U.S.A. with mostly domestic materials.

We sure hope MightyTykes will help your child be all s/he can be!

Our Message

When we first learned at our 12-week prenatal check-up that our new baby boy might have a congenital issue, there’s no denying we were pretty unhappy and scared. When Isaac was born and we learned he indeed had Trisomy 21, better known as Downs Syndrome, we were overwhelmed. So began an amazing journey.

Today, we couldn’t be happier to tell you that we wouldn’t change a thing about our family. Isaac and big brother Pierce are the biggest blessings our lives. And like many parents of kids with Down syndrome, we believe that extra chromosome 21 is an extra LOVE chromosome, enriching our lives and others’. You probably think your kid’s pretty special, too. That’s because they are. And you are, too!

We’re convinced that we’re all different by design, deliberately endowed with a unique constellation of characteristics of equal value. We believe that human value is inherent, determined by God alone—not by abilities, attributes or achievements. Frankly, who can say what so-called defects are more troublesome than others and what virtues are more precious?

Whether your kid is typical or is facing extraordinary challenges, we believe God has a good purpose for their life—and yours.

Acknowledging these fundamental truths would help us all appreciate ourselves and others more freely, recognize challenges as opportunities, and enable us to be and become all God intended, without confining notions of what constitutes a valuable life.

We think that’s a message we can all get behind. We hope you do, too.

Corporate Values

At MightyTykes, we strive to live by some values that we hope inform all we do:

•    We are Family Friendly and support Work/Life Balance.

•    We Leverage Technology to create an efficient, modern workplace.

•    We Expect the Best of people, and Recognize and Reward Great Performance  in employees, vendors and others.

•    We believe we are Different by Design and celebrate uniqueness.

•    We strive to Elevate the Underdog.

•    We are Good Stewards of our financial resources.

•    We believe Human Value is inherent and determined by God alone, not by abilities, attributes or achievements.

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